Easter Family Home Devotions

Hi everyone!  During this Holy Week, we thought as families that it would be encouraging to do some activities together each day.  Each short activity will focus on Jesus' journey to the cross and His resurrection.  We'll do our best to upload information about these daily activities on the St Andrew's Facebook page every morning at around 9am.  Have a go at the daily activities.  Have a chat together in your families as you do them.  We would love you to share any pictures or short videos you have of your time together.  Feel free to send these pictures or videos to us via Messenger on the St Andrew's Facebook page or email info@StAndrewsBangor.org.uk. We'll then post them on the St Andrew's Facebook page to encourage one another as we journey towards the Easter weekend, together.  We pray that this will be a time of experiencing the unifying grace and love of God and of His many blessings day by day, as we trust and follow Him.  We look forward to journeying together in these days...

Monday 6th April 2020:  Jesus is anointed at Bethany

BIBLE: Read Mark 14:1-9.  Try listening and watching the story using the Jesus Storybook Bible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peK2sks6DN0

ACTIVITY: Make a perfume bottle with perfume for Jesus written on it. Decorate it in any way you like. You can spray it with perfume for extra effect! Check out the video for some simple tips on how to make it...let your creative juices flow!  


1. What was so special about what the lady did for Jesus?

2. Why were the men annoyed she did this?

* Talk about how important Jesus was to the lady that she used her most expensive perfume. How can we show Jesus He is important to us?


Tuesday 7th April 2020:  Jesus washes his disciples' feet

BIBLE: Read John 13:1-5.  Try listening and watching the story here.

ACTIVITY: Get a basin of water and soap, and have a go at washing each other's feet.  Or you can use dolls or toys.  


Who likes feet? They are such an important part of our body and help us get from one place to another and carry the whole weight of our body. The disciples will have been walking around a great deal and their feet would be so dusty, dirty and smelly!

1. What did Jesus do and why was it so strange for his disciples?
2. What was Jesus showing and teaching his disciples through his actions?

* Share about the need to serve one another, and that no-one is greater than anyone else.
* Talk about ways we can use our hands and feet to show our love to others e.g. tidying up after ourselves, helping out with our siblings, setting the table, thinking of something to do for someone who is alone at this time.


Wednesday 8th April 2020:  The Lord's Supper

BIBLE: Read Mark 14:16-25.  Try listening and watching the story here.

ACTIVITY: Enjoy having a snack of juice and biscuits or buns together.


1. What 2 items did Jesus use and what did they mean? Bread and wine - body and blood.

2. What did Jesus do before they ate any part of the meal? He gave thanks.

* This is a meal to remember what Jesus did for us, as he died on the cross and then rose from the grave.

* We should try and follow His example and thank God for all He gives us and for the amazing gift of Jesus, who died for us.

SONG: Have a listen to 'We want to see Jesus lifted high.' If you know the song, sing along to God together, and feel free to do the actions!


Thursday 9th April 2020:  Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane

BIBLE: Read Matthew 26:36-46.  Try listening and watching the story here.

ACTIVITY: Praying Hands - write / draw prayers of anything that we are worried about.  Ask God to help us to always pray to Him and trust that He loves us.  (See pictures below of how to make the praying hands).


1. How do you think Jesus felt at this time? He was really troubled at this time and knew he had to talk to God His Father.

2. Jesus knew he had to be obedient to God and to follow God's plan for the world.  Do you know what this plan was?

* Are we worried about anything at the minute?

* Remember we can tell God anything, we are His children and He loves us so much!

* Thank God that He is with us at all times.

SONG: Have a listen to this beautiful song about Gethsemane.


Good Friday 10th April 2020:  Jesus dies on the cross

BIBLE: Mark 15:21-39.

Try listening and learning more about the story here.

ACTIVITY: Crosses - cut out a cross shape from card or paper...write or draw on the cross all the bad things we do. You could also use some plasters to write sins on and stick them to the cross. Jesus heals us from sin.


1. Do you know why Jesus died on the cross? For the sins of the world, so we can be in a relationship with God.

2. What does this tell us about God? He loves us so much that even though it hurt him so much, he did it for us.

* People didn't want Jesus to be in charge. They put Jesus on a cross to die the most horrible death. It was the worst thing to happen.

* BUT on the cross Jesus took our sin - all the bad things we do and the sad things they cause. Jesus took them all!

* Talk about if you have accepted Jesus into your heart. Is He your best friend? Do you try to follow Him everyday?


Saturday 11th April 2020:  Jesus is buried

BIBLE: Read Matthew 27:57-66.

Try listening and learning more about the story here (Jesus' burial is mentioned towards the end of the video).

ACTIVITY: Hard boil some eggs, let them cool and decorate them with pens or paint. This is in preparation for the Easter Sunday activity. If you can't get eggs, maybe try some stones or roll playdough. This is to represent the stone that was rolled in front of Jesus' tomb.


Jesus had been put on the cross and had died for the world, although He had never done anything wrong, and His followers watched from a distance with their hearts breaking.

1. A man asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. What was his name (verse 57) and what did he do with Jesus' body (verses 62-66)?

2. What did they seal the tomb with and why did they do it?

* The fact that someone took some time to use spices and oils on Jesus' body showed the respect and love that they had for Him, and they wanted Him to have a proper burial.


Sunday 12th April 2020:  Happy Easter!  Jesus our Lord is risen!  Alleluia!

BIBLE: Read Matthew 28:1-10.

Try listening and learning more about the story here.

ACTIVITY: Using the hard boiled eggs from yesterday, enjoy rolling them in your garden or yard. If you can't do this, then roll a ball in your hallway. You can also decorate an egg shape for your window to show God's love to those who walk past or make several into a banner to hang up. Consider putting some encouraging words on them e.g. hope, love, Jesus is risen!


What a celebration - the tomb is empty! Jesus is risen!

1. How did the women feel when they saw Jesus' body was gone?

2. How do you think you would have felt if you were there?

* The resurrection of Jesus brings so much joy, the Son of God came to save the world and He rose again! As Christians we believe this to be true and it causes us to celebrate that we have a relationship with Jesus! Celebrate this Easter Sunday as you complete the activities as a family, and enjoy listening to this song.

SONG: Have a listen to Lord I lift Your name on high.